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Premium Fragrance

Our products showcase exclusive premium fragrances developed by fine perfumers who create for Gucci, Guerlain and Dior. All fragrances contain essential oils and are complex blends of up to 200 fragrance elements. It is composed with 90% natural botanic oils with no water. A true unisex product, Scented Space® range includes a variety of gorgeous fragrance blends to suit individual scent preference and to match any mood by creating special ambience with fragrance.



Top Performance

When independently tested against 12 high quality worldwide brands, Scented Space® diffusers last between 30% and 300% longer. The 200ml fragrance diffusers last up to 6 months and the 100ml fragrance diffusers last up to 4 months. Scented Space® is now the proven best diffuser in the market to date, lasting twice as long as other diffusers*.


Diffuser Innovators

Scented Space® was born from a family-owned, Australian company three decades ago, specialising in exquisitely perfumed, hand-finished luxury products. Featuring a unique, custom designed glass bottle, both decorative and elegantly restrained, a Scented Space® fragrance diffuser will compliment any interior decor while continuously and effortlessly scenting your space.



Scented Space® has sold over 5 million diffusers worldwide in over 34 countries


Natural Soy

Scented Space® product range materials are sourced according to the highest of ethical standards friendly to both the world and your home.

Soy is our ingredient of choice in Scented Space® candles due to its vastly superior qualities:

  • Neutral base for supporting fragrance
  • Renewable, biodegradable product
  • Cleaner flame with excellent scent dispersion
  • Longer lasting burn-time

* Independently tested against the top 10 international selling fragrance diffuser brands.