fragrance families

nature inspired scents

Scented Space® fragrance diffusers are blends of complex perfume elements containing up to 200 aromatics to achieve gorgeous, nature inspired scent for your home. Each Scented Space® fragrance diffuser reveals fragrance notes beyond the variant name alone, so it’s little wonder that each often falls into more than one fragrance family.



More feminine in style, the Florals leads in popularity. Consider using to make spaces prettier.



The botanicals are fresh and alive – modern and fashionable. Consider using to heighten freshness.



A zesty bunch, the life of the party – uplifting and full of vigour. Consider using in entertainment areas.



An everyday treat to be smelt rather than eaten. Consider using to create a cosy space.



Sometimes sweet, sometimes sensual - these move across any room. Consider using for a sense of familiarity.



Derived from the earth with a rich and comforting depth. Consider using to encourage conversation.



Known for being more masculine, these are still warm and soft. Consider using to highlight elements in the home.



Ethereal and undefined, but consistent in their celebration of freedom. Consider using to bring the outdoors inside.