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Scent Strength and Longevity

The strength of the scent can be determined by the frequency with which the reeds are turned. For a stronger scent, turn your reeds on a more regular basis. We recommend turning your reeds once a fortnight for consistent fragrance dispersion. Rates of evaporation vary depending on frequency of turning the reeds, and environmental factors such as room temperature and climate conditions.


Seasonal Scents

As the seasons change, it’s nice to embark on different fragrance journeys. In the summer time, we recommend using the lighter, floral and citrus fragrances such as Lemongrass, Green Tea and Frangipani. In the winter time, we recommend using warmer, wood based fragrances such as Vanilla, Black Amber and Jasmine Sambac.

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Mix and match with fragrances that complement each other to create the ambiance you desire. This means that you can create evocative, customisable moods for every room, every day.

Check out the room ready page for our suggestions on which fragrances work for different rooms.


Using the Scented Space® Diffuser

  1. Remove fragrance oil bottle and the dispersion reeds from packaging.
  2. Unscrew the display collar and remove the stopper from the bottle opening.
  3. Screw the display collar back onto the fragrance oil bottle and keep the stopper should you wish to re-seal the bottle. Place all reeds through the centre of the display collar to commence oil absorption.
  4. Turn reeds a few times to saturate with oil, and then only as needed to achieve desired fragrance intensity. Allow at least 24 hours for fragrance to reach optimum performance level.
  5. Rates of absorption will vary from bottle to bottle dependent on air conditions, frequency of reed turning and the natural essence base of product.


Place assembled diffuser bottle on a level surface, and take care when periodically turning the reeds. If spills or drips occur, wipe immediately and rinse surface with water. Wash hands thoroughly after handling saturated reeds.



The reeds are only effective for the life of the diffuser and not suitable for repeat use. To avoid fragrance contamination, do not re-use reeds in a new diffuser.


Using the Scented Space® Candle

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Using the Scented Space® Spa Products

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